Filming Services

Focus Groups

As the norm, we use an HD camera that captures the whole group. We can also provide a 2nd camera if required, to gather other angles and close ups. This is especially recommended if it’s a workshop situation. We can also film in 4k at no additional cost, which is a great option should you be planning to produce a more creative edit from your sessions.

One on Ones

Want to capture individual soundbites, either after a group, a workshop, or just as set up mini or depth interviews? We either use the studio or one of our other rooms and set it up, again ensuring good audio, filming and lighting.


We offer quality streaming, enabling people to watch interviews and groups from other locations. It makes it interactive with clients able to add and comment on what’s been said.

360 filming

Want to feel part of the conversations? This type of filming puts you in charge of who you want to watch and to really immerse yourself in the process.

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